Issue 1

Volume 1, Issue 1, 2019, 15.10.2019

Proceedings of the 3rd Conference of the Romanian Electron Microscopy Society – CREMS 2019, Poiana Brașov, October 23-25, 2019

(1) Editorial – Proceedings of the 3rd Conference of the Romanian Electron Microscopy Society – C.R.E.M.S. 2019 (Poiana Brașov, Romania, October 23-25, 2019)

Corneliu Ghica, Catalina Mihalcea, Valentin Adrian Maraloiu, Bogdan Stefan Vasile

(2) Electrospun fibers for biomimetic applications

M. Beregoi, A. Evanghelidis, E. Matei, V. Diculescu, I. Enculescu

(3) Polymer fibers produced by electrospinning technique

M. Enculescu, A. Evanghelidis, I. Enculescu

(4) Atomic resolution structural and analytical characterization of layered precipitates in special alloys for high-temperature applications

C. Ghica, C. Solís, J. Munke, A. Stark, B. Gehrmann, M. Bergner, J. Rösler, R. Gilles

(5) Phase instability of the topmost surface layer of Inconel-718 superalloy in low-temperature gas carburization atmosphere, revealed by means of (HR)(S)TEM

C. Sȃrbu

(6) Microstructure investigation of r.f. current annealed FINEMET cold drawn microwires by UHR-TEM

G. Ababei, A. Damian, G. Stoian, V. Dobrea, S. Corodeanu, N. Lupu, H. Chiriac

(7) Conduction anisotropy in carbon nanowall layers obtained by a low-pressure plasma jet

B.I. Biță, S. Vizireanu, S.D. Stoica, S.Yehia, A. Radu, S. Iftimie, Gh. Dinescu

(8) Nanostructured coatings based on silver nanoparticles with applications in anti-infectious therapy

B.S. Vasile, A.C. Bîrcă, A.M. Grumezescu, F. Iordache, A.M. Holban, A.O. Stoica, I.A. Neacșu, V.A. Surdu, R. Trușcă

(9) Composite hydrogels with application in wound healing

A.C. Bîrcă, A.M. Grumezescu, F. Iordache, A.M. Holban, A.O. Stoica, I.A. Neacșu, B.S. Vasile, V.A. Surdu, R. Trușcă

(10) Characterization of mixing state of tropospheric aerosols by using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS)

M.M. Cazacu, N. Cimpoeșu, S. E. Băcăiță, M. Zaharia

(11) ZnO-CuO core-shell heterojunction nanowires for optoelectronic applications

A. Costas, C. Florica, N. Preda, N. Apostol, A. Kuncser, A. Nitescu, I. Enculescu

(12) Influence of heat-treatment on microstructure and hardness of Al0.5Cr0.5Ni0.5TiZr1.5Nb1.5 high entropy alloy

M. Ghita, M. T. Olaru, D. Mitrica, M. Burada, C. Banica, D. Vonica

(13) On the thermal stability of mesoporous metal oxide systems decorated with metallic nanoparticles for gas sensing applications

M. C. Istrate, V. A. Maraloiu, C. Radu, I. D. Vlaicu, S. Somacescu, A. Kuncser, C. Ghica

(14) Characterization of ceramic layers for thermal barriers coatings

I. Mercioniu, A.M. Vlaicu, C. Ghica

(15) Microscopic investigations of the flotation tailings from Baia Mare Central Pond for highlighting the sulphides

D.-C. Mihaiescu, A.-G. Vatui, S.-N. Valsan, F. Stoiciu, A.N. Ghita , M. Burada , M. Ghita

(16) Nanometric morpho-structural characterization of mesoporous metal oxide semiconductors for chemo-resistive gas sensors

C. Mihalcea, A. C. Kuncser, I. F. Mercioniu, A. M. Vlaicu, S. Somacescu, C. Ghica

(17) Ultrastructural peculiarities in basal cell carcinoma

A.-M. Moroşanu, N. Mirancea, F.D. Juravle

(18) Ultrastructural changes in in vitro callus plant cells producing secondary metabolites

A.-M. Moroşanu, A.Brînzan, A.G. Ciocan, G. Cogălniceanu

(19) Bioactive antimicrobial SiO2-Ag modified wound-dressings

I.A. Neacsu, I. C. Croitorescu, V.L. Ene, R. Trusca, B.S. Vasile, A.M. Holban, A.C. Birca, E. Andronescu

(20) Influence of supplementary cementitious materials on hydration and microstructure development of concrete

A.I. Nicoara, R. Trusca, O. Oprea, B.S. Vasile

(21) Microstructural characterization of ferroelectric oxides thin films based on hafnia

C. Radu, C. M. Istrate, C. Ghica

(22) Enabling the multifunctionality of thin films through complex engineered nanoscale phases/nanodomains

N. D. Scarisoreanu, F. Andrei, N. Enea, I. Boerasu, V. Ion, R. Birjega, M. Dinescu, V. S. Teodorescu, C. Ghica, R.F. Negrea

(23) On the photoelectrochemical performances of rare-earth element doped perovskite thin films deposited by PLD

I. Boerasu, R. Birjega, N.D. Scarisoreanu, M. Dinescu, N. Enea, V. Ion, V. Leca, V. S. Teodorescu, C. Ghica, R.F. Negrea

(24) Fabrication of silica fibers by electrospinning technique and its application in bone tissue engineering

A.E. Stoica, A.M. Grumezescu, A.O. Hermenean, B.S. Vasile, R. Trusca, O. Oprea, E. Andronescu


(25) Morphological aspects of Bismuth ferrite powders prepared by microwave-assisted hydrothermal method

V.-A. Surdu, Y. Wang, A.C. Bîrcă, E. Tanasă, E. Andronescu

(26) SEM investigations of Fe-doped ZnO powders

R. Trusca, M. Cernea, M. Enculescu,  A.I, Nicoara, T. Popescu,  C. Trisca-Rusu

(27) Eu3 + doped hydroxyapatite as a fluorescent material for biomedical applications

O.R. Vasile, E. Andronescu, D. Predoi, I.A. Neacsu, A.V. Paduraru, A.M. Musuc, R. Trusca, O. Oprea, E. Tanasa, A.I. Nicoara, A.V. Surdu, F. Iordache, A.C. Birca, B.S. Vasile

(28) Study of the interface area in the metalo-ceramic prosthetic restorations by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and EDS Analysis

V. G. Vasilescu, E. Vasilescu

(29) Technological conditions control for obtaining the metallic component from the M-C prosthetic restorations, by scanning electron microscopy and EDAX analysis

E. Vasilescu, V. G. Vasilescu

(30) Microscopy studies on magnetron sputtered thin films with preferred orientation for positron moderation

V.L. Ene, A.B. Șerban, V. Leca, B.S. Vasile, E. Andronescu