Issue 2

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2021, 5.02.2021

Proceedings of the Virtual International Conference on Physical Sciences (ICPS – 2021), 5-6 February 2021

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(1) General Info: Virtual International Conference on Physical Sciences (ICPS – 2021)


(2) Aqueous Phase Exfoliation and In-Situ Decoration of Graphene with Nanoparticles for Photocatalysis

Tejwant Singh Kang

(3) Activation of Dioxygen: A Unique Copper(II) Complex containing Topoquinone-like Moieties as a Structural and Functional Model for Copper Amine Oxidase

Mallayan Palaniandavar

(4) Ionic Liquid-Based Deep Eutectic Solvents as Novel Solvent-cum-Catalyst Media for Thermal Dehydrogenation of Chemical Hydrides

Tamal Banerjee

(5) C-H Activation: A Sustainable Approach for the Direct Functionalization of Quinolines

Upendra Sharma

(6) Probing Interactions in Reentant Phase Behavior of Charged Colloids

V.K. Aswal

(7) Total Synthesis of Disorazole B1 and Its Analogues

Parthasarathi Subramanian

(8) Potable Water Sources, Classification, and Present Status of F, U and As in Different Parts of India

Rakesh Kumar Singhal

(9) Carbon-Polymer Composite Chip as Electrode Platform

Divesh N. Srivastava

(10) Secondary Resources Innovation: Sustainable Green Technology Development to Mitigate the Climate Change

Rajesh Kumar Jyothi

(11) Optimizing Engineering Problems from Nature Inspired Techniques

Rama Rao Karri

(12) How to Quantify Molecular Diffusion and Reaction Kinetics at Single Molecule Level?

Sobhan Sen

(13) Transition Metal Catalyzed Synthesis of Substituted Indoles via C-H Functionalization

Kamlesh Shrivas

(14) An Introduction to an Ongoing Atmospheric Model Development Effort at CAS, IIT Delhi

Sarvesh Kumar Dubey

(15) Moving Mesh Methods for Burger’s and Navier-Stokes Equations

Natesan Srinivasan

(16) Three and Four Field Mixed Formulations in Poroelasticity

Sarvesh Kumar

(17) Fourier Series Approximation in Semi-normed Spaces

Uaday Singh

(18) Some Decompositions of Compactness and Normality

A. K. Das

(19) Mathieu Moonshine and Siegel Modular Forms

S. Govindarajan

(20) Developments in Approximation on Integral Type Operators

Vijay Gupta

(21) General Introduction to Approximation Theory

Asha Ram Gairola

(22) Modeling COVID-19 Pandemic and Allocation of Vaccine Distribution

Nita Shah

(23) Fixed Point Theorems and its Applications

R. K. George

(24) A Fast Radial Basis Functions Method for Solving Partial Differential Equations on Arbitrary Surfaces

Cecile Piret

(25) The Least-Squares RBF-FD Method

Elisabeth Larsen