Issue 3

Volume 3, Issue 3, 2021, 19.03.2021

Proceedings of the 4th Chemistry Conference of Graduate, Postgraduate students and Ph.D. candidates in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki: “Research as a Perspective of Development”, 20-21 March 2021

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(1) General Info: 4th Chemistry Conference of Graduate, Postgraduate students and Ph.D. candidates in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki: “Research as a Perspective of Development”


(2) Research in the Applications Field of Science Communication

Eustratios Asimellis, Panagiotis Giannakoudakis


(3) Determination of the Shape and Size of SDS Micelles in Aqueous Salt Solutions Using Viscosity Measurements

Athanasios Bourmpoulias, Antonios Avranas

(4) Theoretical Study of the Impact of Surface Passivation and Functionalization on Electronic and Optical Properties of Pure Silicon and Germanium Nanocrystals

George Emmanouilidis, Emmanuel N. Koukaras

(5) Study of Kinetic Properties of Reactive Dye with One Active Group Sodium Salt Before and After Ultrafiltration on Cotton Substrate

Eleftheria Gitsouli, Smaro Lykidou, Nikolaos Nikolaidis

(6) The Effect of Bromide Ions on the Stability of Tantalum Oxide Films

Chrysanthi Gkili, Dimitra Sazou

(7) Electrochemical Oxidation of Simulated and Real Cr(III) Tannery Wastes on PbO2 Electrodes

Anastasios Orestis Grammenos, Angeliki Banti, Evgenios Kokkinos, Anastasios Zouboulis, Sotirios Sotiropoulos

(8) Effect of Stratospheric Conditions on Diffusion of Chlorofluorocarbons in Air

Nikolaos Iakovakis, Kosmas Martakidis, Dimitrios Gavril

(9) Proposal for the Teaching of the Unit “Chemical Reactions” in the Context of the 1st Lyceum Chemistry Course in the Light of the “Student-Young Researcher” Didactic Approach

Andreas Kargopoulos, Panagiotis Giannakoudakis

(10) Synthesis and Characterization of Films Based on Poly(lactic acid), PLA with Nanoparticles of Chitosan-encapsulated Oregano Essential Oil

Aikaterini I. Kazakou, Dimitris S. Achilias

(11) The Influence of Donor Density on the Critical Breakdown Potential of Niobium Oxide Films in Bromide-Containing Solutions

Eirini Lappa, Dimitra Sazou

(12) Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocomposite Materials Based on the Bio-based Poly(lactic acid), PLA with Ag, TiO2 or ZnO Nanoparticles

Elektra Mavromatidou, Ioannis Tsagkalias, Dimitris S. Achilias

(13) Synthetic Approaches of Oleocanthal and Inohanalactone Natural Products

Georgia Bagkavou, John Gallos

(14) Progression of the Conception of Chemistry Students Regarding the Presentation of a Chemical Reaction

Christos N. Papadopoulos, Parthena Katikaridou, Pericles D. Akrivos

(15) Electrochemical and Anticorrosive Properties of Polyaniline-based Self-doped Composites Electrodeposited on Stainless Steel

Dimitra Papamichail, Dimitra Sazou

(16) Molecularly Pillared Graphene with Dithiolene and Diamine Linking Groups

Emilia Papasouli, Rafael Lingas, Ioannis Skarmoutsos, Emmanuel Klontzas, Emmanuel N. Koukaras

(17) Oxygen Evolution/Water Oxidation at TiO2 Powder and Nanotube Electrodes

Olga Spyridou, Aikaterini Touni, Sotiris Sotiropoulos

(18) Synthesis and Characterization of Methacrylated PEG Hydrogels Responsive to Changes in pH and Temperature

M. Stefanidou, Dimitris S. Achilias

(19) Synthesis and Characterization of Copper(I) Complexes Bearing Diphosphanes and Multifunctional Carboxylates as Ligands

Alexandra Tsiotsia, Gioftsidou Dimitra, Antonios Hatzidimitriou, Panagiotis Angaridis

(20) Study of Carbon Dioxide Release from Roasted Coffee Beans

Konstantina Tychala, Panagiota Zakidou, Evdoxia-Maria Varka, Adamantini Paraskevopoulou