Issue 4

Volume 3, Issue 4, 2021, 15.06.2021

Proceedings of the International e-Conference on Green Chemistry and Engineering towards Sustainable Development-An Industrial Perspective, 16-18 June 2021

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(1) Editorial – Proceedings of the International e-Conference on Green Chemistry and Engineering towards Sustainable Development-An Industrial Perspective

Jigisha K. Parikh, Meghal A. Desai, Sanjay R. Patel, Girirajsinh C. Jadeja, S .K. Sundar

(2) Green Crude, Fuels and Hydrogen from Sewage Sludge and Organic Residues

Andreas Hornung, Andreas Apfelbacher

(3) Opportunities and Challenges Associated with the Development and Production of “Green” Veterinary Pharmaceuticals with Focus on Pharmaceuticals in the Environment (PiE) Both During Production and Use

Chris Van den Eede, Gino Loosveldt

(4) Bioprocessing Technologies for Clean Sustainable Energy Production: Canadian Perspective

Ajay K. Dalai

(5) Organic Synthesis Catalyzed by Metal Complexes Immobilized on Structurally-defined Surface

Kenji Hara

(6) From Industrial Revolution to COVID-19 Pandemic–Lessons Learned and Path Forward

Vikram Pattarkine

(7) Functional Food Packaging: Role for Food and Environmental Sustainability–UBE Perspective

Ameya Diwan, Deepak Kumar Singh, Christopher Passe

(8) Fractionation of Valuable Chemicals from Industrial Waste of Turmeric Rhizomes

Suraj Patel, Meghal A. Desai

(9) Valorization of Agricultural Waste

Pratibha Gautam, Maitri Bhatt, Nirali Suvagiya, Aishwarya Pareek, Rutvik Patel

(10) Analyzing Properties of Plastic Waste for Energy Recovery

Swayansu Sabyasachi Mohanty, Anil V. Shah, Sunita Varjani

(11) Advanced Pretreatment Process for Lignocellulosic Biomass to Biofuels Production: A Review

Shama Bansod, Kirti Makwana, Jigisha Parikh

(12) Extraction of Valuable Compounds from the Kernel of Mango: A Biorefinery Approach

Vishal Thakare, Girirajsinh Jadeja, Meghal Desai

(13) Handling of Automotive Paint Shop Sludge – A Greener Way

Amit Kumar Tiwari, A. K. Rathore

(14) Biomass Carbohydrates Conversion to 5- Hydroxymethylfurfural(5-HMF): A Review

Ganesh Parsai, P. A. Parikh, J. K. Parikh

(15) Potential Non-wood Fiber Sources for Paper Making

Madhuri Pydimalla, Rithusha Kamma, Akanksh Mamidala

(16) Recovery of Lignin and Cellulose from Aquatic Weed (Water Hyacinth)

Priti V. Ganorkar, G. C. Jadeja, Meghal A. Desai

(17) A Review on Effect of Physicochemical Properties of Biochar on Heavy Metal Remediation in Soil

Bhoomi A. Kamdar, Chandresh H. Solanki

(18) Identification of Efficient Bioprocessing of Banana Fibers for Sustainable Fibers and Textiles

Mira Chares Subash, Muthiah Perumalsamy

(19) Utilization of Ananas Cosmus Waste for Valuable Products

Kalyani M, Raviteja P, Tharunesh P

(20) Pyrolysis of Waste Plastic and Rubber to Fuel

Ramesh Bhande, Rucha Railkar, Mayank Modi

(21) Inexpensive, Eco-friendly and Green Adsorbent for Removal of Textile Dye: Prosopis juliflora Bark

Lopa K. Sanghavi, Shashi V. Ranga

(22) Road Map – Waste to Wealth

Jimish Thakkar, Monika Vyas, Raj Tank

(23) Development of Biodegradable Polyurethane Film Based on Castor Oil and Poly (3-hydroxybutyrate)

Pathikrit Saha, Beom Soo Kim

(24) Accelerated In Vitro Drug Release Method Development for Implantable Medical Device

Pathikrit Saha, Beom Soo Kim

(25) Transformation of Low-cost Starch towards Bioplastic & their Characterization

Vikas Giri, Hritvik Rohit, Sanjay Srivastav

(26) Ultrasound-assisted Liquid Antisolvent Precipitation for the Production of Nanoparticles

Rashmita Behera, Sanjaykumar Patel

(27) Membrane Assisted Crystallization of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) by Forwarding Osmosis and its Effect on Crystal Size and Morphology

Arunkumar Patel, Sanjaykumar Patel

(28) Study of Manufacturing of Bioplastics

Kavyan Patel, Bhavesh Purswani, Rishikesh Pawar, Ramesh Bhande

(29) Esterification of α-Pinene to Terpinyl acetate and Bornyl Acetate Using Heterogeneous Catalyst

Madhuri Gupta, Prashant Kumar, Priyabrat Mohapatra, Chandan Singh Chanotiya, Prasant Kumar Rout

(30) Ru (III) Triggered Oxidation of Certain Xanthine Alkaloid Compounds in the Presence of Polyethylene glycols as Eco-friendly Catalysts under Conventional and Non-conventional Conditions

Somannagari Shylaja

(31) Insight into the Effect of Iron Alumina Catalyst on Methane Decomposition in Terms of CNT Quality and Methane Conversion in the Fluidized Bed Reactor

Kaushal Parmar, K. K. Pant, S. Roy

(32) Design and Development of Automotive Catalytic Converter Using Non-Nobel Catalyst for the Reduction of Exhaust Emission: A Review

Kuldip Patel, Dattatraya Subedar, Femina Patel

(33) Selective Hydrogenation of 4-Cyanoquinoline into Anti-inflammatory Derivatives Using Palladium Incorporated with Charcoal Obtained from Agricultural Residues

Prashant Kumar, Priyabrat Mohapatra, Ashween Deepak Nannaware, Prasant Kumar Rout

(34) Synthesis of Xylitol from Biorenewables using Chemo-catalytic Routes: Review

Parth Shah, Jigisha Parikh

(35) Synthetic Fuel from Syngas Using Supported Co Catalysts

Girish Kamath, Ajay K Dalai

(36) Comparative Evaluation of the Hydrothermal Gasification of Biomass Model Compounds to Generate Hydrogen-Rich Gas Products

Jude A. Okolie, Sonil Nanda, Janusz A. Kozinski, Ajay K. Dalai

(37) Algal Biofuels Production over NiMoC Catalysts Supported Chemically Prepared Activated Carbon from Algal Derived Hydrochar

Shima Masoumi, Ajay K. Dalai

(38) Strategy of Ni Nanoparticle Confinement for Catalyst Stability Enhancement in Methane Reforming Using Industrial Flue Gas

Rohit Kumar, Kamal Pant

(39) Furfural: A Platform Molecule for the Synthesis of Renewable Chemicals and Fuels

Rahul V Prajapati, Ayush Singh, Bhavesh Prajapti, Dhrumit Joshi, Jay Rana, Vishal Padhiyaar

(40) A Novel SBA-15/H-ZSM-5 Composite Catalyst for Conversion of Furfuryl Alcohol to Ethyl Levulinate

Rahul Prajapati, Giriraj Jadeja, Sanjay Srivatava, Jigisha Parikh

(41) Dimer Acid-Based Polyurethanes: A Second Generation Raw Material for Coating Industry

Gaurav Singh, Praveen K. S. Yadav

(42) Hydrothermal Gasification of Cattle Manure for Hydrogen and Hydrochar Production

Sonil Nanda, Ajay K. Dalai, Janusz A. Kozinski

(43) Impact of Bio-additives on Quality of Oat Hull Fuel Pellets

Tumpa Sarker, Venkatesh Meda, Ajay K. Dalai

(44) New Prospect of Hydropower Generation in the Sewage Treatment Plant: A Review

Jitu Patel, Pankaj Gohil

(45) Microbial Fuel Cell a Renewable and Clean Source of Energy–An Overview

Mrunal Joshi, Arunkumar Dwivedi

(46) Biodiesel Emulsification Techniques and Parameters Affecting the Stability of Emulsion: A Review

Sujal Dadhaniya, Dattatraya Subhedar

(47) Comparative Analysis of Combustion and Heat Release Characteristics of Alexandrian Laurel Methyl Ester Fueled VCR DI Diesel Engine

Anant G. Nagpure, Walmik S. Rathod

(48) Simulation of Biogas Upgradation to Biomethane and its Sustainability Assessment

Sushman Sarangi, Saurabh.N. Joglekar

(49) Biodiesel Production Using Heterogeneous Nanoparticles (CO doped ZnO) and Sunflower Oil

Hiral N. Pandya, Sachin P. Parikh

(50) Pepsin Protected Synthesis of Copper Nanoclusters for the Sensing of Drugs: Flutamide and Chloramphenicol

Shraddha Borse, Z. V. P. Murthy, Tae-Jung Park, Suresh Kumar Kailasa

(51) Facile Fabrication of Plant Extract Modified Boron Nitride Nanosheets and Improved Mechanical Properties of Polyurethane

Aarti R. Deshmukh, Beom Soo Kim

(52) Surface Modifications and Analytical Applications of Graphene Oxide: A Review

Dharaben J. Joshi, Naved I. Malek, Suresh Kumar Kailasa

(53) Development of Quantitative Analysis Method to Determine TiO2 Surface Area for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Catalyst

Lei Shang, Kenji Hara

(54) Thermodynamic Analysis on the Computationally Designed Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Arvind K. Gautam, Nitish Sharma, Abhishek Sharma, Desamsetty Tejaswi, Devinder, Kumud Pandey

(55) Synthesis and Adsorption Properties of Nitrosocompounds on Titanium Dioxides

Masaya Kimura, Kenji Hara

(56) Preparation of Mixed-monolayers of Isocyanide Molecules on Gold Surface Aiming for Concerted Catalysis

Takamitsu Kawamata, Kenji Hara

(57) Microwave-Assisted Extraction of Polyphenolic Antioxidants from Raw Mango (Mangifera indica L.) Peel: Glycerol-Sodium acetate Based Green Deep Eutectic Solvents

Girirajsinh C. Jadeja, Chandra Bhushan T. Pal

(58) Synthesis, Yield Optimization, and Characterizations of Pectin Extracted from Citrus Fruits Solid Waste under Microwave Irradiation

Dipak Dhobi, Hemangi Desai

(59) Impact of Geographical Location and Extraction Process on Sandalwood Oil and Detection of Adulteration

Shreya Tripathi, Prashant Kumar, Prasant Kumar Rout, Sunil Kumar Khare, Satyanarayan Naik

(60) Natural Good Colorants: Extraction and Stability Study

Rushikesh Prajapati, Girirajsinh Jadeja

(61) Development of Chitosan Based Nanocomposites for Food Packaging Application

B Dhiren Kanted, Maneesh Kumar Poddar

(62) Application of Microwave Hydrodiffusion and Gravity (MHG) In Producing Essential Oil From Onion (Allium cepa L.) as Green Technology Alternative

Haqqyana Haqqyana, Rully P. Audhina, Muhammad H. C. Farhan, Mahfud Mahfud

(63) Increase in Composition of Patchoulol by Hydrotropic Extraction Combined with Ultrasound

Preeti L.B. Jain, Sanjaykumar R. Patel, Meghal A. Desai

(64) Photodegradation, Antibacterial & Antioxidant Assessment of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Using Smilax Aspera Leaf Extract: An Eco Approach

Aayasha Negi, Reena Gangwar, Rahul Kumar Vishwakarma, Devendra Singh Negi, Menka Khoobchandani

(65) Comparative Study of Synthesis and Nutritional Aspects of Lecithin from Soya and Sunflower Oil

Sameer Singh, Praveen K. S. Yadav

(66) Treatment of Vehicle Wash Wastewater by Fenton Process and its Recycling

Salini P J, G Madhu, Renu Pawels

(67) Removal and Recovery of Phenol by Solvent Extraction from Industrial Wastewater

Jimmi Patel, Hemangi Desai

(68) Comparative Study of 4-dimensional DSA on Electrochemical Treatability of a Reactive Dye

Priya Saxena, Jayesh Ruparelia, Parag Saxena

(69) Sonochemical Route for Removal of Recalcitrant Pollutants from Wastewater

Priyanka P., Maneesh Kumar Poddar

(70) Docking and Experimental Studies for Removal of Anthraquinone Dye by Modified Low Sulphonated Lignin

K Ankita Rao, T P Krishna Murthy, Vaishakh Nair

(71) Overview of Indian Solid Waste Management and its Associated Challenges and Opportunities

Anudeep Nema, Rajnikant Prasad, Sandeep K Mishra, Kunwar D Yadav

(72) Review on Disposal and Management of Biodegradable Waste at Domestic Level and its Trend for Municipal Cities in India

Sandeep Kumar Mishra, Rajnikant Prasad, Anudeep Nema, Kunwar D Yadav

(73) Characterization of Biomedical Bottom Ash for Waste Management

Aditi Singh, Anil V. Shah, Sunita Varjani

(74) Orange City’s Ambazari Lake Water Treatment Using Membrane Bioreactor and Nano-Filtration Hybrid System

Kiran Bhuyar, Vilas Sapkal, R.S. Sapkal

(75) Lab Scale COD Reduction by Bioremediation Using Hydroponics System

Bhadreshkumar Sudani, Mohamadsohail Kasmani, Ayush Joshi

(76) A review on Biological Denitrification of Nitrate Rich Ground Water Using Different Carbon Sources

Bala Krishna Inguva, Hanusha Durisety, Phanindra Gupta

(77) Treatment of Textile Dye Effluent Using Seed Hulls, Dry Leaves and Fruit Peels–A Review

Poojitha Kandati, Neha Mankala, Nga Prapurna

(78) Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Mg Doped Cobalt Ferrite For Degradation of Reactive Turquoise Blue G Dye

Parth Shah, Femina Patel, Manan Shah, Ashish Unnarkat, Bhavna Soni

(79) Physicochemical Process for Recycling of Pulp and Paper Industrial Effluent by Green Chemistry Development

K.S. Chandel, R.N. Shukla

(80) Color Removal/Dye Degradation of Industrial Effluent to Curb Water Pollution

Jainish Parmar, Rushil Parmar, Aditya Patanvadiya, Mohammedayaj Patel, Harsh Chavda

(81) Textile Sludge Management by Producing Paver Blocks

Aishwarya Patil, Rahul Joshi, Dhananjay Bhatkhande

(82) Techniques to Mitigate the Impact of Plastic Waste on Environment

Monika Vyas, Raj Tank, Maharshi Shukla, Jimish Thakkar

(83) Selecting the Optimum Sequence of Distillation Column Train for Multicomponent Separation System

Prashant Giri, Yogesh Mahajan

(84) Membrane Distillation as a Promising Thermal Separation Technique for Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Pallavi Pothala, Vijaya Raju K, Naga Prapurna

(85) Continuous Microfluidic Antisolvent Crystallization of Lactose: Effect of Process Parameters

Daxa Sharma, Z.V.P Murthy, Sanjaykumar R. Patel

(86) The Effects of Catalysts and Process Intensification in Bio-diesel Production: A Review

Gaurab Singha Roy, Jigisha Parikh, Sanjay Patel

(87) Prototype Development and Testing for Antimicrobial Analysis of Silica-Titanium Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidative Matrix

Abin Nazar, Ajmal R Rahim, Kajal R, Baji Krishnan, Gayathri V

(88) Energy Dissipation Study of Ultrasonic Bath to Identify Suitable Zone for Better Performance of the Bath

Chetan Sharma, Parth Naik, Ankur Raval, L. Ramanan, Meghal A. Desai, Jigisha K. Parikh, Sanjaykumar R. Patel

(89) Energy Recovery from a Continuous Process of Low-Pressure Membrane Filtration: An Analytical Study

Bhaumik Sutariya

(90) An In-situ Design for Carbon Capture and Storage in Process Industries

Sai Nitheesh Magasani, Harish Reddy, Naga Prapurna P

(91) Self-assembly of Surface-active Ionic Liquid as Modulated by Bile Salt: A DLS and SANS Study

Vijay I. Patel, P. Bahadur

(92) Self-assembly of Triton X-100 in the Presence of Hydrophobic Diol-Surfynol® 104: A SANS Study

Ankur Patel, Vijay I. Patel

(93) Comparative Study of the Effects of Different Protein Sources on the Self-Healing Capacity of Immobilized Bacteria-Based Concrete

Devika Menon K, Habeeba Rahmath M P, Amritha Daniel, Biju Jacob, Vineetha Lekshmy P V

(94) Synthesis of Alkoxy-Alkyl- Tetrazolo[1,5-a] Quinoline & Tetrazolo[1,5-a] Quinoline-4-Carbaldehyde Derivatives Under Green Conditions

Subhendu Chakroborty, M.V. Basavanag Unnamatla, Sandra C. Ramírez-Lopez

(95) Optimized Nanomilling of Biomaterials by Wet-Stirred Media Milling for Efficient Preparation of Nanoparticles

Sanjay Krishna, Chetan M. Patel

(96) Fabrication Techniques of Microchannels for Different Microfluidics Application

Svapnil Kevat, V. N. Lad