Issue 2

Volume 4, Issue 2, 2022, 8.05.2022

Proceedings of The Sixth International Meeting of Pharmaceutical Sciences (RICiFa) (10-12 November 2021, Córdoba, Argentina)

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(1) General Info: The Sixth International Meeting of Pharmaceutical Sciences (RICiFa), November 10-12, 2021, Córdoba, Argentina

(2) pH-sensitive Microcapsules Containing Clarithromycin-loaded Lipid Nanocarriers for the Treatment of H. pylori in Gastric Diseases

Sofía V. Sánhez, Eva. C Arrua, Valeria Trincado, Javier O. Morales

(3) Isolation of a Terpenoid Compound from Mikania sp. with Activity on Trypanosoma cruzi

Laura C. Laurella, Natash Cerny, Karen Vargas Gomez, Augusto Bivona, Andres Sanchez Alberti, Emilio Malchioidi, Silvia Cazorla, Valeria P. Sülsen

(4) Effect of Inhaler Shaking and Ambient Temperature on Dose Uniformity Determination of a Salbutamol Pressurized Metered-dose Inhaler

Yamila L. de Charras, Diego E. Bertin, M. Verónica Ramírez-Rigo

(5) Computational Design of 1,2,3-triazole Based Inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease (Mpro)

Agustina Grich, Juan Pablo Cerutti, Sergio Ribone, Wim Dehaen, Alfredo Quevedo

(6) Numerical Simulation Comparison of Two Valved Holding Chambers for the Treatment of Respiratory Diseases

Yamila L. de Charras, M. Verónica Ramírez-Rigo, Diego E. Bertin

(7) Assessment of the Inhibition Mechanism of Phenoxymethylketones Against Cruzipain by Hybrid QM/MM-MD Simulations

Juan Pablo Cerutti, Wim Dehaen, Adrian Roitberg, Mario Alfredo Quevedo

(8) Nanocrystals for the Oral Route Using 3D Printing Technology

Lucía Lopez-Vidal, Juan Pablo Real, Daniel Andrés Real, Nahuel Camacho, Alejandro Paredes, Santiago Daniel Palma

(9) Preparation and Characterization of a New Naproxen Salt and its Hydrates

Marina Antonio, Rubén M. Maggio

(10) Synthesis and Characterization of New Thionine Derivative for Application in Photodynamic Therapy

María Gualdesi, Jimena Vara, Luciana Pereyra, Cecilia Alvarez Igarzabal, Cristina Ortiz

(11) Novel Polymeric Nanoparticles Loaded with New Second Generation Photosensitizers with Probable Phototoxic Action

María Gualdesi, Jimena Vara, Cecilia Alvarez Igarzabal, Cristina Ortiz

(12) Study of the Influence of Different Factors Affecting Albendazole Loading on SBA-15 Carrier by Box-Behnken Design

M. Esperanza Adrover, Marisa Pedernera, Magali Bonne, Bénédicte Lebeau, Verónica Bucalá, Loreana Gallo

(13) Quantification of Total Phenols and Antioxidant Activity in Phytocosmetics

Gabriela Malena Valenzuela, Mabel Rosalia Gruszycki, Maria Cecilia Giménez, Diego Andres Chiappetta

(14) Antibacterial Activity of Ethanol Extract from Kalanchoe daigremontiana

Mabel Rosalía Gruszycki, Margarita Baez, Esther Inés Torres, Gabriela Malena Valenzuela

(15) Development of Self-microemulsifying Lipid-based Formulations of Trans-resveratrol by Systematically Constructing Lipid-surfactant-water Phase Diagrams Using Long-chain Lipid

Ankita Shah, Marcela Longhi, Abu Serajuddin, Carolina Aloisio

(16) Practical Activities of Pharmaceutical Analysis I in the Framework of Virtuality

Carolina Aloisio, Vanesa Sterren, Renée Onnainty, María Gualdesi, Marcela Longhi

(17) Polymeric Micelles as a Strategy to Optimize the Properties of Phenazine Photosensitizers

Jimena Vara, María Gualdesi, Mariana Fernández, Cristina Ortiz

(18) Physical-chemical Characterization of Binary Systems of Albendazole Desmotropes and Glutamic Acid or Aspartic Acid

Agustina Bongioanni, Belén Mezzano, Marcela R. Longhi, Claudia Garnero

(19) Nebulized Sodium Bicarbonate Solution as a Mucolytic Alternative Treatment for Cystic Fibrosis

Nazareth E. Ceschan, Agustina Alonso, María Verónica Ramírez Rigo, Loreana C. Gallo

(20) Study of Substrate Selectivity of Carboxylesterases with Biopharmaceutical Relevance

Sergio R. Ribone, Darío Estrín, Mario A. Quevedo

(21) Praziquantel Chewable Gels as a New Pediatric Dosage Form

María Alejandra González, María Verónica Ramírez-Rigo, Noelia Gonzalez Vidal

(22) Rational Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Modified Natural Peptides from Boana pulchella (anura) as Inhibitors of Human Cholinesterases

Ivan Sanchis, José Dias, Xavier Brazzolotto, Florencia Aimaretti, Verónica Húmpola, Alvaro Siano

(23) Rational Design and Synthesis of Modified Natural Peptides from Boana cordobae and Evaluation as Multitarget Agents against Alzheimer’s Disease

Luisina Avataneo, Roque Spinelli, Iván Sanchis, Álvaro Rietmann, Nicolás Aschemacher, Álvaro Siano

(24) Influence of the Ratio between Poloxamer 188 and Poloxamer 407 on Praziquantel Dissolution Profiles from Solid Dispersions

Santiago Nicolás Campos, Ailén Lara Sibello, José María Bermúdez, Cintia Alejandra Briones Nieva, Mercedes Villegas, Analía Irma Romero, Elio Emilio Gonzo, Alicia Graciela Cid

(25) Molecular Identification of Species Present in Dietary Supplements Labelled as Spirulina and Chlorella

María Principe, María Della Vedova, Pablo Pacheco, Elisa Petenatti

(26) Design of Porous Orally Disintegrating Tablets by Direct Compression and Sublimation

Candela Juan, Loreana Gallo, Noelia Gonzalez Vidal

(27) Validation of a Rapid HPLC Method for the Simultaneous Determination of Amoxicillin Trihydrate and Sulbactam Pivoxil in Pharmaceuticals

Mariela Razuc, Fernanda Cabrera, Mariano Garrido, M. Veronica Ramírez Rigo

(28) Assays of Active Ingredient Content and Dissolution of Oral Dosage Forms Containing Amoxicillin Trihydrate and Sulbactam Pivoxil by HPLC

Mariela Razuc, Fernanda Cabrera, Mariano Garrido, M. Veronica Ramírez Rigo

(29) Improved Solubility of Ivermectin by Complexation with Cyclodextrins and Amino acids

Belén Alejandra Mezzano, Marcela Longhi, Claudia Garnero

(30) Development and Stability Studies of Bisoprolol Oral Formulations for Patients with Swallowing Disorders

Operto María A., Vignaduzzo Silvana E.

(31) Characterization Studies of Alcalase™ Enzyme Preparation for Production of Bioactive Peptides

Emilse López, Enrique Mammarella, Guillermo Sihufe, Ricardo Manzo

(32) Management of Personal Protective Equipment by the Pharmacy Service in a Public Hospital of Córdoba, Argentina, to Guarantee their Responsible and Rational Use within the Pandemic Context

María Belén Codeiro, Beatriz Bosio, Malena Pereyra, María Cecilia Provens Demmel, Carolina Bustos Fierro

(33) Use of Technological Tools to Teach and Promote the Online Learning of Students in the Pharmaceutical Technology I course of the Pharmacy graduate degree – Universidad Nacional de Tucumán

Patricia Asbene, Andrea Lorenzo, Lucia Kasem, Adriana Ordoñez, Alejandro Carrascosa

(34) Lipid Nanoparticles for the Delivery of Phenobarbital: Design, Optimization, Characterization and In vivo Evaluation

S. Scioli Montoto, M.L Sbaraglini, J.S. Cisneros, C.Y. Chain, A. Talevi, V.A. Alvarez, G.R. Castro, M.E. Ruiz

(35) Exploring Solid Form 0 of Clarithromycin

Guadalupe Miñambres, Virginia Aiassa, Marcela Longhi, Ana Chattah, Claudia Garnero

(36) Synthesis and Characterization of Novel β-cyclodextrin-Grafted Chitosan Hydrogels

Sergio R. Ribone, Juan P. Cerutti, Wout De Leger, Antonella V. Dan Córdoba, Marcela R. Longhi, Mario A. Quevedo, Mario Smet, Wim Dehaen, Ariana Zoppi

(37) Binary Systems of Clarithromycin: An Alternative to Enhancement of its Solubility and Antimicrobial Activity

Antonela Bartolilla, Ariana Zoppi, Marcela R. Longhi, Virginia Aiassa

(38) Development and Validation of an Analytical Method by HPLC for the Determination of Water-soluble Vitamins (Thiamine, Riboflavin, Nicotinamide, Pyridoxine and Ascorbic Acid) in a Syrup at NEOFARMACO CIA. LTDA.

Christian Dávila, Roberto Santillán, Carlitos Pazmiño

(39) Theoretical and Experimental Study of Fluconazole Solvatochromism

Fernando Gabriel Olivares, Marcelo Omar Castillo, María Gloria Barúa, Juan Pablo Escalada, Graciela Pinto Vitorino

(40) Spray-dried Indomethacin Microparticles Designed for Asthma Inhalatory Treatments

Nazareth E. Ceschan, María Paula Caldarola, Verónica Bucalá, Juan Manuel Figueroa, Andrea V. Dugour, M. Verónica Ramírez-Rigo

(41) Characterization of Polyelectrolyte-atenolol Formulation Using a Nebulized System Intended for Cardiac Targeting

Nazareth E. Ceschan, Sebastián Scioli Montoto, María Laura Sbaraglini, María Esperanza Ruiz, Verónica Bucalá, M. Verónica Ramírez-Rigo

(42) Ammonium Bicarbonate as a Pore-forming Agent for the Production of Porous Inhalable Particles

Marcos Andrés Serain, Verónica Bucalá, Loreana Gallo

(43) Design, Formulation and Characterization of Lipid Inks Containing Ricobendazole Applying a 3D Printing Technique by Fusion Solidification (MESO-PP) Adjusted to a Mathematical Model to Describe the Release of the Drug

María Eugenia Barberis, Juan Pablo Real, José María Bermudez, Santiago Daniel Palma

(44) An Alternative System Based on Hydrogels of Ivermectin for the Treatment of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

Cintia Alejandra Briones Nieva, Analia Irma Romero, Nicolás Esteban Minetti, Mercedes Villegas, Alicia Graciela Cid, Santiago Nicolás Campos, Elio Emilio Gonzo, José María Bermúdez

(45) Irradiation Effect in Ciprofloxacin-sulfadiazine Escherichia coli Treated Strains

Rosalía Ayala Gómez, María Cecilia Becerra, Graciela Pinto Vitorino

(46) Good Practices in Dispensing Dietary Supplements in a Community Pharmacy from San Miguel de Tucumán

Patricio G. Márquez, Lucía Kasem, Patricia Asbene, Andrea Lorenzo, Adriana Ordoñez, Alejandro Carrascosa

(47) Development and Characterization of a Novel Coenzyme Q10 Emulsion as Milk Formula Supplement for Neonates

Cristian García Becerra, Sabrina Flor, Silvia Lucangioli, Valeria Tripodi

(48) Mixed Nanomicelles for Co-delivery of Paclitaxel and Nelfinavir: Preparation and In vitro Characterization

Ezequiel Bernabeu, Mariángeles Díaz, Jenifer Riedel, Silvina Lompardía, Eduardo Lagomarsino, Juan Lázaro Martinez, Liliana Alarcon, Marcela Moretton, Diego Chiappetta

(49) Study and Development of Formulations Based on Microemulsion for the Delivery of Ampicillin

Micaela Ponce Ponte, Carolina Aloisio, Marcela Longhi

(50) Strategies for the Generation of Triazolylpeptidyl Penicillin Analogs in the Search for New Antitumoral Compounds

Nadia L. Martiren, Sofia Bajicoff,Yanina Bellizzi, Elizabeth Barrionuevo, Viviana C. Blank, Leonor P. Roguin, Ernesto G. Mata, Patricia G. Cornier

(51) Osteoporosis, an Approach of Treatment via Chitosan- β-Glycerophosphate-Fluoride Gels

Federico Fookes, Luciano Mengatto, Alfredo Rigalli, Julio Luna

(52) Assessment Related to the Virtual Approach of an Experimental Course

Vanesa Sterren, Carolina Aloisio, Renée Onnainty, María Gualdesi, Marcela Longhi

(53) Design of 3D Printed Veterinary Capsule Devices for Supplement Administration

Loreana Gallo, Juan Francisco Peña, Santiago Daniel Palma, Juan Pablo Real, Ivana Cotabarren

(54) 3D PLA Printed Scaffolds as a Carrier for Nanocrystals

Bruno Andrés Barrientos, Lucía Lopez-Vidal, Juan Pablo Real, Daniel Andrés Real, Santiago Daniel Palma

(55) In vitro Study of the Influence of Promoters in the Permeation of Ketorolac

Dana Pegoraro, Emilia Diez, Paula Pirchio, Silvina Cabañez, Manuel Solari, María Alvarez, Mónica Olivella

(56) Antimicrobial Properties of the Ternary Zn(II) Complex with Sulfadiazine and 2,2′-bipyridine as Ligands

Juan José Martínez Medina, Dana Belén Falkievich, Cristian Villa Pérez, Delia Beatriz Soria

(57) Aromatic Plants as a Potential Source of Acetylcholinesterase and Butyrylcholinesterase Inhibitors

Silvana Rodriguez, Damian Belladonna, Roberto Rodriguez, Ana Paula Murray

(58) Formulation and Characterization of Ursodeoxycholic Acid Nanosuspensions Based on Bottom-up Technology and Box Behnken Design

Oriana Boscolo, Sabrina Flor, Leandro Salvo, Marcela Moretton, Cecilia Dobrecky, Silvia E. Lucangioli

(59) Lethal Activity of the Monoterpene Eugenol against Immature Stages of Rhipicephalus sanguineus (Acari: Ixodidae) from Argentina

Martin Daniele, Martin Dade

(60) Biological Activities of Crude saponin Isolates from Two Rhipsalis species

Andrea M. Vatoff, Carola A. Torres

(61) Effect of VitB2@TiO2NPs and Starch@TiO2NPs in the Susceptibility of Bacterial Strains

Agostina Salusso, María Jazmin Silvero Compagnucci, Geniece Hallet-Tapley, María Cecilia Becerra

(62) Adaptation of Experimental Practices in Microbiology to the Virtual Format without Dying in the Attempt

Bravi Viviana, Ponce Ponte Micaela, Rocca, Diamela, Silvero C.M. Jazmín, Alovero Fabiana, Becerra M. Cecilia

(63) Protective Effect of Alpha-melanocyte Stimulating Hormone in Cognitive Impairment and Oxidative Stress Associated with the Consumption of a High-fat Diet

Guadalupe Herrera, M. Jazmin Silvero C., Mercedes Lasaga, Teresa Scimonelli, M. Cecilia Becerra

(64) Genotoxic study of tinctures of Euphorbiaceae and Phyllanthaceae species

Soro A. S., Torres C.A., Nuñez M.B.

(65) Co-encapsulation of Efavirenz and Curcumin within Polymeric Nanomicelles: Preliminary Studies

Pedro Fuentes, Jennifer Riedel, Mariana Garces, Marcela Moretton, Christian Höcht, Pablo Evelson, Ezequiel Bernabeu, Diego Chiappetta

(66) Co-delivery of Paclitaxel and Curcumin in Polymeric Micelles to Optimize Lung Cancer Chemotherapy

Jennifer Riedel, Mónica Taquez Delgado, Ezequiel Bernabeu, Mariana Garces, Melisa Nicoud, Christian Höcht, Jimena Salgueiro, Pablo Evelson, Marcela Moretton, Vanina Medina, Diego Chiappetta

(67) Mannose Coated Rifampicin-Curcumin-Nanomicelles against Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Juan Manuel Galdopórpora, Jennifer Riedel, Pedro Fuentes, Juan Manuel Lázaro Martinez, Lucía Palmas, María Manconi, Mariana Garcés, Camila Martinena, Ezequiel Bernabeu, Pablo Evelson, Diego A. Chiappetta, Nancy Tateosian, Marcela A. Moretton

(68) Mixed Nanomicelles for Co-delivery of Paclitaxel and Nelfinavir: Preparation and In vitro Characterization

Ezequiel Bernabeu, Mariángeles Díaz, Jenifer Riedel, Silvina Lompardía, Eduardo Lagomarsino, Juan Lázaro Martinez, Liliana Alarcon, Marcela Moretton, Diego Chiappetta

(69) Paraguay Medication Information Center as a Promoter of the Rational Use of Medicines: Descriptive Analysis of the Consultations Attended

Gladys Mabel Maidana, Patricia Acosta, Zully Vera, Lourdes Samaniego

(70) Classification of Suspected Adverse Drug Reactions in Patients in the Clinical Hospital

Ramírez Domínguez Irma Concepcion, Maidana Gladys Mabel

(71) Areas of Employment Performance of Pharmacists after Graduation

Oscar Allende, Mabel Maidana, Lourdes Samaniego, Gladys Lugo, Olga Maciel

(71) Prodrugs of Eugenol as Antiplasmodial Agents and its Possible Mechanism of Action

Camila M. Clemente, Lisandro Y. Hergert, Daniel A. Allemandi, Ariel G. Garro, Sara Robledo, Soledad Ravetti

(73) Solubility and Thermodynamic Analysis of Ketoprofen in Isopropanol-water Mixture

Verónica Lanaro, Sofía Cruces, Mauricio Filippa, Cristina Almandoz

(74) Topical Hydrogels to Improve Treatment of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

Patricio J. Gómez Ayala, Analia I. Romero, Mercedes Villegas, Cintia A. Briones Nieva, Alicia G. Cid, Santiago N. Campos, Elio E. Gonzo, José M. Bermúdez

(75) Quercetin Loaded Oil in Water Microemulsion. Characterization and Evaluation of the Antiviral Activity against Bovine alphaherpesvirus 1.

Verónica Volpe, Sandra E. Perez, Guillermina Dolcini, Fernanda Buzzola, Marcos Grünhut

(76) Use of Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) as a Screening Tool for Detecting Cocrystals and Eutectics of Tinidazole

Octavio E. Fandiño, Marina M. Marcos Valdez, Sonia N. Faudone, Norma R. Sperandeo

(77) Binary Systems of Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride Polymorphs with N-acetylcysteine: Improved Solubility

Maria S. Bueno, Nahuel Camacho, Santiado D. Palma, Marcela R. Longhi, Claudia Garnero

(78) Development of a New Oral Orphan Liquid Formulation of Esomeprazole Destined to Pediatric Patients

Leandro Salvo, Oriana Boscolo, Camila Olivera, Sabrina Flor, Silvia Lucangioli

(79) Development of Pelloids with Mineral-medicinal Water

Alvarez Chantiri M.A., Fernández F.A., Sáez G.A., Dudik N.H., Nuñez M.B.

(80) Encapsulation of an Ethanolic Extract of Euphorbia serpens

Paz Seputic F., Soro A.S., Vasile F., Nuñez M.B.

(81) Role of TGFβ-1 Signaling in Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition Events Induced by Histamine H4 Receptor Agonists in Breast Cancer Cells

Tamara Galarza, Mónica Táquez Delgado, Nora Mohamad, Graciela Cricco, Gabriela Martín

(82) Benzophenone-3 loaded Microemulsion for a Potential Use as Sunscreen. Thermal Stability and Permeation Analytical Studies

Verónica Volpe, Damián A. Uriarte, Claudia Domini, Mariano Garrido, Marcos Grünhut

(83) Identification of the Excipients of Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Injection-UNC (IDX-UNC), Subjected to Degradation, by HPLC, and their Impact on the Main Drug, Dexamethasone Phosphate

Analía Mettan, Belen Fracaroli, Mariano Pugliese, Emiliano Cuarta, Tristán Novillo, Julieta Dugoni, Gabriela de la Iglesia, Ana Paula Vilches

(84) Comparison of Two Methods for the Determination of Total Proteins in Injectable Gammaglobulins UNC

Analía Mettan, Belen Fracaroli, Mariano Pugliese, Emiliano Cuarta, Tristán Novillo, Julieta Dugoni, Gabriela de la Iglesia, Ana Paula Vilches

(85) Validation of the Analytical Method: Determination of Proteins by Gornall Method

Belen Fracaroli, Analía Mettan, Mariano Pugliese, Emiliano Cuarta, Tristán Novillo, Julieta Dugoni, Gabriela de la Iglesia, Ana Paula Vilches

(86) Validation of Indirect Method for the Detection of Isoagglutinins A and B in Blood Products

Perla Ardiles, Mariana Rivero, Germán Garnero, Daniela Mozzicafreddo, Cecilia Dopazo, Marina Arrieta, Maria Angel Goméz Auad, Gabriela de la Iglesia, Ana Paula Vilches

(87) Identification by Immunoelectrophoresis in Gel Analytical Method Verification

Perla Ardiles, Mariana Rivero, Maria Angel Gomez Auad, Ana Paula Vilches

(88) Eudragit E100: Antibiofilm and Antivirulence Properties Allow Propose this Cationic Polymer as an Adjuvant to Conventional Antimicrobials in a Promising Approach against Pseudomonas aeruginosa Infections

Ana Apas, Luciana Campagno, Melisa Corti, Fabiana Alovero

(89) Evaluation of Alginate Nanoparticles Co-loaded with Ascorbic Acid and Rifampicin as Therapeutic Treatment of Intracellular Pulmonary Infections

Ivana R. Scolari, Ximena Volpini, María L. Fanani, Benjamín De La Cruz-Thea, Lautaro Natali, Melina M. Musri, Gladys E. Granero

(90) Validation of Sterility Method in Gamma-globulin T

David Federico Mereles, Luciano Adrián Prenol, Ana Lia Reale, Natalia Isabel Quevedo, Marcelo Sebastián Ostorero, Ana Paula Vilches

(91) Fresh Bone Aptitud Assay Verification

Luciano Adrián Prenol, David Federico Mereles, Marcelo Sebastián Ostorero, Ana Paula Vilches

(92) Development of Isoniazid Polymeric Nanoparticles for Tuberculosis Treatment

Andrea M. Adam, M. Julia Mora, Gladys E. Granero

(93) Alternative Technique for Dosing of Digoxin in Dissolution Samples

Ana L. Vicario, Leslie Aragon, Gabriela Di Chiacchio, Manuel Solari, Chien Chun Wang, Roxana Gómez

(94) Sensitive Preconcentration Coupled to Simple Chromatographic Method for Local Anesthetics Monitoring in Environmental Waste Water Samples

Manuel Solari, Ana Vicario, Gimena Acosta, Chien Chung Wang, Marcela Longhi, Maria Roxana Gomez

(95) Design of Orodispersible Mini Tablets of Sodium Levothyroxine (lt4 odmts)

Cecilia Henestrosa, Camila Olivera, Sabrina Flor, Claudia Ortega, Diego Cifuente, Silvia E. Lucangioli, Silvina Favier

(96) Study of the Polymorphism of 1-(4-acetamide-benzenesulfonyl)-benzimidazole a New Potential Antiprotozoal Agent

Marina Marcos Valdez, Octavio Fandiño, Sonia Faudone, Norma Sperandeo

(97) Implementation of Online Educational Activities for the Practices of Biopharmaceutics at the National University of Cordoba in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Marina M. Marcos Valdez, Maria J. Mora, Norma R. Sperandeo

(98) Pharmacovigilance Regulations for the Pharmaceutical Industry: International Comparative Analysis

Natalia Isla, Elena Vega

(99) Diagnostic Study on the Management of Pharmaceutical Residues in Pharmacies of the City of Santa Fe

Flores Hugo Alberto, Antoniazzi Carolina Elisabet, Gon Lorena, Risiga María Constanza, Blanc Viviana, Moore Aput Matías

(100) Human Serum Albumin Nanoparticles for Ocular Delivery of Melatonin

Sofia Martinez, José Bermudez, Elio Gonzo, Rocío Herrero Vanrell, Daniel Allemandi, Daniela Quinteros

(101) Gamma-Globulin T Aptitud Assay Verification

David Federico Mereles, Luciano Adrián Prenol, Ana Lia Reale, Natalia Isabel Quevedo, Marcelo Sebastián Ostorero, Ana PaulaVilches

(102) Proposal for Standardizing Operation Procedures in a Laboratory that Produces Pharmaceutical Formulations

Adriana Ana Lía Ordoñez, Ana Laura Retamar

(103) Preliminary Characterization of Biofilms Obtained from Native Starch of Chayote (Sechium edule [Jacq.] Swartz) Fruits

Adriana Ordoñez, Patricia Asbene, Andrea Asbene, Lucía Kasem, Alejandro Carrascosa, Magdalena Cruz

(104) Preliminary Evaluation of Molecular Adducts of Sulfadiazine and Organic Acids

Fabio Enrique Balverdi de Abreu, Graciela Pinto Vitorino

(105) Carrier in Carrier: DNA-doxorubicin Complex Self-assembled with Amphiphilic Cyclodextrins as Nanosystems for Cancer Therapy

Liliana P. Alarcón, Heber Andrada, Darío R. Falcone, Fernando Silva, María E. Olivera

(106) In vitro Evaluation of the Acaricidal Activity of Limoneno against Non-fed Larvae of Rhipicephalus microplus

Martin Daniele, Francisco Reynaldi, Daniel Citroni, J Errecalde, Martin Dade

(107) Pharmacokinetics of Novel Mebendazole Formulations for Trichinella spiralis Infection Treatment, in CBi-IGE Mice

Ana V. Codina, Ariana Rosales, Valeria Marizza, Paula García, Mauro Morri, Maria Celina Lamas, Lucila Hinrichsen

(108) Pharmacognostical Studies of Undaria pinnatifida (Alariaceae), an Allochthonous brown Seaweed from the Golfo San Jorge (Patagonia Argentina)

D.P. Quezada, M.S. Namuncurá, M.D. Escobar Daza, O.L. Córdoba, M.L. Flores

(109) Photodynamic Hydrogel Based on Carbomer-TMPyP Complex: In vitro Release and Pseudomonas aeruginosa Photoinactivation

Luciana Campagno, Ana Apas, Franco Ambrosioni, Alvaro Jimenez-Kairuz, Fabiana Alovero

(110) Development of Biopolymeric Films for the Potential Treatment of Superficial Wounds

Maira Scopino, Maria Barrera

(111) Global Reactivity Descriptors of Norfloxacin, Sulfanilamide and Sulfadiazine

Marcelo Castillo, Pinto Vitorino Graciela

(112) Improving the Dissolution Performance of Naproxen from Nanoparticles

Rocío Ledesma, Bedogni Giselle, Cristina Pérez Zamora, Nora Okulik, Claudio Salomon, Katia Seremeta

(113) Potentially Inappropriate Prescription Associated with Polypharmacy in Older Adults in a Social Security Hospital of the Central Department of Paraguay

Patricia Acosta, Lourdes Samaniego

(114) Blood Pressure and Risk Factors in School Students from a Private Educational Institution of the Central Department Paraguay

Lourdes Samaniego, Gladys Lugo, Patricia Acosta, Nilsa Lial, Carmen Buzarquis, Patricia Vera, Mabel Maidana

(115) Evaluation of Adverse Drug Reactions in Oncology Patients with Ambulatory Intravenous Chemotherapy

Flecha Galeano lp, Maidana gm

(116) Prevalence of Illicit Drugs Related to Punishable Acts that Occurred in Paraguay

Vidalia Jiménez, Dionisio Isasi, Lourdes Samaniego, Olga Maciel, Mabel Maidana

(117) UHPLC MS/MS Determination of Ibuprofen Lung, Liver and Serum in Winstars Rats

Gabriela Castelli, Julieta Borello, Lautaro Natali, Martin Moya, Melina Musri, Dante Beltramo, Silvia Farfán

(118) Comprehension and Use of Patient Information Leaflets in a Non-governmental Organization in the City of Asuncion in October 2020

Gustavo Javier Retamozo, Gladys Lugo, Lourdes Samaniego, Oscar Allende, Mabel Maidana

(119) Novel Ionic Hyaluronic Acid-vancomycin Complexes for Inhalation

María S. Magi, María C. Palena, Yanina de Lafuente, Paulina L. Páez, Alvaro F. Jimenez Kairuz

(120) Optimizing Famotidine Solubility by Co-amorphization with Succinic Acid

Marcos Russo, Yamina Dávila, Héctor Baldoni, Elena Brusau, Griselda Narda

(121) Antibiofilm Activity of the Ternary Cadmium Complex with 1,10-phenanthroline and Cyanoguanidine against Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Dana Belén Falkievich, Juan José Martínez Medina, Libertad Leonor López Tévez, Evelina Gloria Ferrer, Patricia Ana María Williams

(122) Institutional Herbarium for Education in Pharmacobotany

Katia Seremeta, Lorena Semeniuk, Javier Rodríguez, Carlos Vonka, Néstor Dudik

(123) New Topical Bioadhesive Amphotericin-B Formulations with Potential Application on Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Treatment. Stability and Preliminar In-vivo Performance Evaluations

Ambrosioni FE., García Bustos MF., Ragone PG., Blas M., Páez PL., Paraje MG., Jimenez-Kairuz AF.

(124) Design of Derivatization Strategies for Anticonvulsants Determination Using Molecular Fluorescence

Luciana Fernandez, Virginia Guizzado, Paula Pirchio, Cecilia Peralta, Liliana Fernandez, Gimena Acosta

(125) Efficacy of Topical Risedronate and Risedronate – Eudragit E Complex in a Model of Cutaneous leishmaniasis induced by Leishmania (Leishmania) Amazonensis

Ma. Laura Guzman, Ma. Florencia Peralta, Ma. Estefanía Bracamonte, J. Diego Marco, Ma. Eugenia Olivera, Dolores C. Carrer, Paola A. Barroso

(126) New Approaches for the Determination of Benzodiazepines Using Fluorescence Quenching

Virginia Guizzado, Luciana Fernandez, Paula Pirchio, Gimena Acosta, Liliana Fernandez, Cecilia Peralta

(127) pH/thermo-responsive Nucleolipid-containing Liposomes for Triggering Delivery of Doxorubicin

Mónica C. García, José Manuel Calderón-Montaño, Manuela Rueda, Marcela Longhi, Antonio M. Rabasco, Miguel López-Lázaro, Francisco Prieto-Dapena, María Luisa González-Rodríguez

(128) Quality-by-design Approach in the Optimization of an Alcohol-free Praziquantel Oral Solution

Giselle Bedogni, Katia Seremeta, Nora Okulik, Claudio Salomon

(129) Design and Characterization of Nanoparticulate Liquid Systems for Topical Ocular Delivery of Carvacrol

Inda A, Daniel Allemandi, Rocío Herrero Vanrell, Ravetti S, Quinteros DA

(130) Development of Nanostructured Lipid Carriers Made of Cocoa Butter: A Preliminary-study

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